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As you might know including more and more beautiful, high quality local ingredients has been in the heart of Mar Galliti and amongst the values I stand for from the very beginning.
I guess it is not surprising, as I have my own wonderful lavender field and I know how much inspiration and knowledge they have been given me. Aiming to tend to them better and better year by year, is a constant potential for growth for me and for them too.
And I know those amazing people from whom I get my local ingredients are doing the same.
Tending to their plants', animals', and environment's need with utmost care, love, respect and with their best knowledge. I am also very grateful that we love to talk to each other, share that knowledge, experience and help each other whenever possible.


Here I want to show the amazing people, Hungarian regions and plants that have been adding values to your skincare through my creations. But most importantly, I want to show you that despite the fact that Hungary is a tiny country, most people don’t know, it is rich in history, traditions, craftmanship, and picturesque, diverse landscape, as well as amazing healing skincare ingredients.




I know people and brands usually very secretive about where they get their ingredients from. But I want to celebrate these wonderful people and their work and by telling & showing you who they exactly are is my way of doing that and also my way of thanking them.
So please enter my beautiful Hungarian Treasure Gardens!


The Hungarian Treasure Gardens

HTG_hoover_edited copy.png

Treasure Gardens Serum

Treasure Gardens Peptides & Antioxidan Serum. Filled to the brim & celebrating the beautiful local ingredients, as well as some carefully selected special extracts. Lovely lupine peptides help the skin regain its tone and firmness. The rich selection of local hydrosols & plant oils are soothing and nourishing. While the spirulina and green tea extracts with their high antioxidant content fight free-radicals and impoves barrier function.

Ingredients from the Hungarian Treasure Gardens:

Ormánság - Olajütő Szövetkezet: Grapeseed oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Sunflower oil

Zselic - Arura Manufaktúra - : Roman chamomile hydrosol, Melissa essential oil, Clary sage essential oil

Őrség - Illóolaj Lepárló Műhely: Rose hydrosol, Nettle hydrosol

Szomód - Szomódi Levendulás: Immortelle hydrosol

Drávamente - Mar Galliti lavender field: Lavender hydrosol

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