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Mar Galliti lavender field – Drávamente, Bolhó

You have read about my lavender field as that’s how Mar Galliti and it all started. With 4000 lavender seedlings. 

My lavender field lives nicely hidden next to the southern border of Hungary and only a few meters from the River Dráva. It is the place where I grow up, and holds lots of fond memories of my childhood. I am very happy to know that my lavenders are always there connecting past, present and future.


I love these plants and where they are taking me. This journey where I feel I am doing what I meant to be doing, with the amazing people I meant to be around. We have had many fun photo shoots here, actually our very first shoot was here too. My lavenders can still give more, and we agreed that they looked their very best this year.


I love being out on the lavender field. Although it is a lot of work and of course, I cannot do it alone, there is something special taking care of your plants, seeing them grow, bloom and give.

They are giving me inspiration, a calm space to be, loyal friendships and the most beautiful lavender essential oil and hydrosol in the world. 


Their healing energy is in the heart of Mar Galliti, my creations and everything I do:

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