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Florendina Manufaktúra

Florendina Manufaktúra – Lukács Adina

Adina Lukács, the creator of Florendina Manufactúra is a fellow lavender grower here in the Zselic, only a few kilometres from my Studio. And she is also the wonderful beekeeper lady responsible for the beautiful lavender honey you can find in the Ambrosia Honey Mask. We met through a mutual friend and I was amazed by her honey, how lovingly she keeps her plants and bees after my very first visit. And she does it in the most magical of places. She lives with her husband and her dog, Samu on their land, close to one of the tiny villages in the Zselic. Surrounded by woods, tiny lakes, wildflowers meadows and of course, her beloved lavenders and bees.


By then the flowers were picked but they were still beautiful on the top of that sloping landscape next to her wild flower meadow. Then we went on to discover the rest of her land with two little ponds at the foot of the slop leading to the lavenders.

When we visited her for the photographs and of course, some chat and tea even the tiny roads in the Zselic leading to her home where magical and we actually got lost despite of the fact that I have been there before and we almost followed a cycling road. We saw numerous lakes, a huge sheep flock crossing the road and grazing white horses. Adina welcomed us with open arms and we headed straight to the lavender field next to her house.


The sun was scorching so we took advantage of the cooling water and dangled our feet in one of the ponds under the shade of a big old tree. Of course, she also showed us her beekeeper cottage and her beautiful kitchen garden too. 

Discover this magical place and the love Adina puts into her work in my Ambrosia Honey Mask.


You can find the Adina's magical ingredients in the following products:


Florendina Manufaktúra: 


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