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About Me

My story

I lived and studied in England for six years, which was highly inspiring. I met lot of lovely, open-hearted people, but it was the land of green fields, parks and gardens that inspired me the most. Deep-rooted customs and folk legends bind them to the land, which I highly respect. But my heart belongs to Hungary and creating in my homeland. 

Being in nature means that you slow down, take deep breaths, and feel happier.
For me, this is the slow living lifestyle and even though you may not have the opportunity to take a stroll in the forest every day, you can still choose cleaner, greener and more natural products, food and cosmetics.  

Back to the roots

My story began with 4000 lavender seedlings. Perhaps even earlier when as a child I was observing and helping my parents with the bees or when I was trying to keep my tiny little garden weed-free next to my mother's big garden. Wonderful memories tie me to nature and I hope this will forever remain this way. Perhaps it was not that surprising that one day I announced to my family that I will have my own lavender plantation. 


This is when I bought the 4000 lavender seedlings. 

At the same time, I seriously thought about what I would like to do with these splendid herbs and decided to further train myself in the field of formulating organic and natural skin care products and later on in their production. I ended up studying the secrets of aromatherapy. Living a healthy lifestyle was nothing new to me. I became a vegetarian at the age of 18 for health reasons, at which point my journey into the field of healthy lifestyle began. I have learned a great deal over the course of the years, got to know myself and, through this, the values that are important to me. 

I always enjoyed the beauty of a splendid garden, I was just unsure of whether I myself would be able to create such a wonder. I love animals. I have always been surrounded by chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats and bees, since I grew up in the countryside. One time we even had a deer kid for a few months. This strong bonding with nature reached its peak when I began horse riding. The work put in for the horse and the rider to connect requires special attention and understanding, which also inspired me when I was building this brand. 

"I wanted to pay homage to my mother with the brand name.

MAR GALLITI means daughter of the sea, child of the light.”


 Zita Gyurokovics

My mother's name Margit originates from this old Persian expression. She was truly a light for everyone, always caring, unselfish, kind and just like a "plant whisperer", a real green fingers.  

I took part in several courses in the field of aromatherapy and organic and natural skin care formulation in England and Hungary during the course of my studies. I want more then put the scent of a herbal garden or forest in a bottle with my products, which contain the best quality essential oils, but also the delight of bird songs and leaves blowing in the wind. I would like to invoke the refreshing wind after a summer rain, a moonlit rose garden or the scent of hay bales on the field. I offer these in the perfect synergy complemented by other nourishing plant oils and extracts. 

I believe that this is what makes us standout. For me sustainability, awareness, social sensitivity, love of nature and animals is not something extra, but a philosophy, part of my daily routine.  

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