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Light is painting shadows on the walls. The warm afternoon breeze is gently moving the curtains. Outside everything is waiting and tempting, with dusty dirt roads and views to remember. The gardens and trees are offering heady scented flowers for the bees and juicy peaches. While somewhere in the distance smoke is filling the air form a campfire. 


…Fresh and smokey, like aged wood & beeswax. The juice of the peach dripping down the fingers. Deep, a bit dusty and humid at the same time… 


But we want to lie like this forever. On the pillows, softly curled up to each other’s soul. Your hand fits perfectly in mine. Talking, listening & softening more, trusting, holding, going bare and soul deep. Everything is whispering, we are home.


…Intimacy. The sweet softness of skin.
A little sweet and balmy...


"With the glaze the gesture of pouring carries the meaning of giving, gifting. The two glazes join and unite on the surface of the Pillowtalk bottles."


Jasmine tea, Cedar, Zanthoxylum, Styrax, Mango leaf, Osmanthus, Poplar, Narcissus, Patchouli, Mimosa, Grapefruit, Blood orange, Sandalwood


Pillowtalk glaze - Tünde Ruzicska, ceramic artist

Onto the original ceramic bottle shape the Pillowtalk scent and story needed a new glaze. Or course, we created it with Tünder Ruzicska ceramic artist again.

In the story from the beginning there was both a quiet calm in the intimacy of the room and the busyness from outside filtering in, in-between, the soft movement of the curtains is a light but recognisable separation that I wanted to capture. For this Tünde suggested rather pouring the glaze instead of dipping it, like she did with the previous perfume bottle. As she expaned the gesture of pouring has a deeper, more ancient meaning. On the Pillowtalk ceramic bottles the two glazes join and unite on the surface. While the gesture of pouring carries the meaning of giving, gifting. In this way the deep intimacy of the perfume becomes visible on the bottles. 


Pillowtalk box - Petra Füzes, head of the paper mill at Orfűi Malmok

I hoped that we will be able to carry the local artisan touch into the boxes too and it will finally also be in harmony with Mar Galliti and with us. For this, we asked for the help of Petra Füzes, the head of the paper mill at the Orfűi Malmok. Petra is a kind, creative soul, who has an enourmos amount of knowledge and deep love for her craft. So she was excited about the challenge of our box project. At our first meeting we already came up with the idea of adding wool to the paper too. The wool with its softness is adding extra texture and meaning. The whole box with the custom mould made paper, the embossed logo on the top and the screen printed little card were all beautifully hand-made by Petra.   






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