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Szomódi Levendulás – Tóth József & his wife, Nóra


Just like for me, it all started with lavenders for Józsi and his wife Nóra. They wanted to create something not just for themselves but to share with others. And creating first their lavender field was a shared passion where their interest met, as Józsi is a horticulturist and Nóra is a pharmacist. 

By now, they grow more than just lavenders. Their field is enriched with the scent, colour and shape of clary sage, rosemary, sage, immortelle, cornflower, oregano, and thyme. Józsi is doing the distillation himself in their own little artisan distillery in Szomód. Also, everything they grow is certified organic.

I have known them since my first aromatherapy training as we studied on the same course. And we also attended workshops and aromatherapy conferences together. I have been using their beautiful cornflower hydrosol in my lovely Blue Poppy Balancing Moisturizer since the very beginning. But as it happened, we live in the opposite side of the same little country and I haven’t seen their field until this project that finally brought me to Szomód.


We visited in June as we wanted to catch most of the beautiful plants in bloom. We also choose a late afternoon reaching into the sunset for photographing the field and get a private guided tour from Józsi. It started out very windy and after about an hour a summer storm arrived that had us finding shelter in my car. Luckily the storm passed after about 20 minutes and we were rewarded with the most stunning sunset.


The lights, the colours and the scent were all magical. Find this magic in both their beautiful hydrosols & essential oils and in my creations:


Szomódi Levendulás: 

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