Lavender is famed for its regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. Indispensable for skin care when traveling. Carry to warmer climates for calming sunburn, sunstroke, bug bites and itching. Calming and cooling to body, mind, and spirit, lavender makes a refreshing room spray for home, office or in the car to calm, cleanse, and refresh in traffic.

The plants for this 100% pure and natural hydrosol, are grown in my own lavender plantation, where we do all the picking and grooming by hand and love. 



100% ingredients from natural origin

100% lingredients from local origin

Lavandula angustifolia hydrosol

  • Lavandula angustifolia Flower Water, Limonene*, Eugenol*, Citronellol,* Linalool*, Geraniol*

  • 100ml mist in our usual Miron bottle and 1000ml only cap in brown apothecary bottle