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Seasonal skincare - Spring

Spring is coming, the weather is warmer and sunnier, the birds are chirping and it fells like everything is easier and more beautiful. Just like we did during Winter, there are two things that we need to put into consideration when it comes to skincare, how our environment & weather is changing and how our skin react to those changes. Everyone is unique and its even possible that something that did not work for your skin last year, now is essential for it. So the most important step is to observe your skin.

In relation to the products the key words for Spring are renewal, repair and exfoliation. You likely gonna need less of the rich moisturisers that worked against the Winter dryness. In the warmer weather your lymph and circulation begin to pick up and the skin starts to produce more sebum because it wants to eliminate toxins and purify itself.

If you were afraid to exfoliate during Winter, because your skin might get overly dry, then its time to do that now. Our skin is better tolerating the products rich in active ingredient. It is worth combining the mechanical and chemical exfoliation. During the chemical exfoliation we get rid of the upper layer of the skin using acids and enzymes. This makes the skin more even, soft and vital. A honey mask could be especially nourishing and gentle which with its natural enzymes are exfoliating, cleansing while at the same time hydrating and full of antioxidants. The physical exfoliants show a wider variety from the wash cloth, and the skin polishes, to the sonic devices. Pay extra attention when using physical exfoliators, do not scrub your face too hard because that could cause damage and irritation. The freshly resurfacing skin is not only looks softer but also more sensitive, so if possible do the exfoliation as part of your evening skincare ritual.

Moisturising and hydrating is alway important but it matters how we do that. After the heavier oils and moisturisers during Winter, you should start to switch to lighter textures, with more 'water'. Our skin keeps the moist much easier during Spring and Summer. When layering your skincare the essences could be your secret weapon. Misted as a light veil, they are hydrating and nutrient rich.

To protect against sun damage it is increasingly important to use products rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The higher concentration will usually found in your serums and essences. Antioxidants protect the skin, turning harmful free radicals - molecules that form in the body when you are exposed to UV rays and other environmental impacts - into harmless components, thereby stopping them from destroying DNA, elastin and collagen. Some antioxidants multitask too. They can help stimulate collagen, boost cell repair and fade sunspots. Look for antioxidants-rich tea so you can drink your skincare as well as cool it and use it as a facial mist. For this I recommend hibiscus, rosehips, blueberry and green tea, or the mixture of these. It is very important with this kind of homemade products to use them fresh and keep them in the fridge. Also highly recommended the anti-inflammatory ingredients and products which can restore the skin's natural and healthy glow.

Using the right kind of sunscreen is important all year around, so with the increasing of sunny days and temperature do not forget about it either. the sun's rays are also one of the most potent skin agers. Covering up with sunscreen is a complicated issue though. Sunscreen ingredients have been implicated in damaging the coral reefs, causing coral bleaching and decline. Unfortunately, the natural mineral alternatives also have an effect on our ecosystem. But we need them, so avoiding the most harmful ingredients and rather choosing the natural, mineral options with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

What you are protecting yourself against is ultraviolet radiation:

UVA: this is the longest wavelength and is not absorbed by the ozone. It penetrates the skin deeper than UVB and is without warning - you don't see the skin burn but it damages and ages the skin.

UVB: this is the ray type responsible for sunburn. It is partially blocked by the now-diminishing ozone layer. which is why as a child you may have burned less than you do now.

Natural sunscreens use minerals to form a barrier on the skin. By using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide you are creating a physical barrier to reflect rays away to protect the skin. While synthetic sunscreens work differently by absorbing UV radiation. As the chemical bonds absorb UV radiation, the components of the sunscreen slowly break down and release heat. Often this process causes reactions in the sensitive.

Take care of your skin and protect it in every season, but the most important is to try and spend as much time in nature as possible in this beautiful Spring weather.


Photos: Szendeff Lőrinc

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