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The Treatment Essence - Witch Garden

Let's start with my inspiration that begin with the witch hazel. Yes, I loved the name from the beginning as my mind always run wild with tales what made this lovely plant witch wordy. In its native land the american indians "used to see witch hazel as a magical plant with a unique status in nature: in defiance of the natural rhythm of the seasons, it blooms in Winter. Its English name refers to the flexibility of its branches, which are used to craft divining rods for finding springs or mineral lodes."

I wanted to create a complex essence with the light texture of a mist. I feel it is important to have something that is so easy to layer on while also adds an amazing array of active ingredients to boost and protect your skin.

To create a garden I gathered the synergy of seven amazing hydrosols: Witch hazel, Immortelle, Cornflower, Yarrow, Bergamot, White champaca and Sandalwood. I am especially grateful that the cornflower and the yarrow is locally grown and distilled by loving hands. The sandalwood (Santalum spicatum), of course, sustainably wild harvested in Australia. This garden is picked and mixed to the highest impact. Witch hazel is the strongest antioxidant hydrosol. It could reduce redness, rashes or scaling of skin. Heals the skin, powerfully anti-inflammatory and extremely good for soothing eczema combined with yarrow. And yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a great balancer, helps with problematic skin while also heals damage from sun and wind. One of my intension was to create a product against environmental damage and this theme will come up again when choosing my active plant extracts too. Our other local, the Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) has a cool feeling on the skin and perfect to firm & revitalize delicate and matured skin of the face & décolleté too. Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum), let it be its hydrosol or essential oil, is one of my favourite and I know from first hand how powerful and healing it can be. It can heal scar tissue and is good for sensitive, mature, or congested skin.

The lightness and lots of the scent profile comes from the exotic trio of Bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia), White champaca (Michelia alba) and Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum). Santalwood soothes irritation and fantastic for the skin. In India, champaca is a mythological flower which finds mention in numerous legends. It symbolises reincarnation, and eternal life. Its the most seductive one from this bouquet. It is said to increase circulation, amazing for skin support, and is often used to clear and sooth the skin. Bergamot hydrosol is a little joy of sunshine in a bottle. It is sparkling and pleasant, reduces nervous tensions, anxiety and stress.

As you can see I created a soothing, balancing synergy and I am very glad that based on the feedbacks you can feel and enjoy these properties.

The three main active plant extracts here are bio-fermented agave, organic red grape and wu zhu extract. I specifically chose them to brighten dull skin, improve circulation, increase collagen synthesis and help to overcome the wide array of environmental factors.

The environment we live in is a huge factor influencing our physical, mental health and skin too. When I am talking about the environment I mean the weather & the climate, the location (large city or countryside), stress (from work, family) etc. So it is something that we have to look at a holistic way even when it comes to skincare. The holistic approach that works on both body and soul is what I always love to do with all of my products.

The Witch Garden Treatment Essence is easy to layer and easy to use. Just mist on your face before your heavier serums and moisturiser in the morning and/or in the night.

I expect you can feel the seductive breeze of my witch garden speaking to your body & soul, and awakening your senses. And as always I hope it makes your skin healthier and your soul happier.


Photographs: Szendeff Lőrinc

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