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Mar Galliti - The Birth of the Brand

First there was love. Love for nature, being outdoors, among animals and living an active life. Then, there was the idea. The idea to plant lavenders and to create something special from their beautiful essential oil. Botanical perfumery and aromatherapy helped me find my purpose that I can enjoy while pouring all my dreams, soul, energy and enthusiasm in it.

The name of the brand, Mar Galliti, is an old Persian expression that means 'daughter of the sea', or 'child of the light' and my mother's name originates from this. She was truly a light for everyone, always caring, unselfish, kind and just like a "plant whisperer", a real green fingers. The tenderness of this name and her nature was equally important when we were working on the brand identity. And it is embodied perfectly in the logo design: the oils and aromatherapy, nature and its always changing quality, as well as growth and the eternal cycle of life. Drops, trees, leaves... I fell in love immediately with its refined and tender minimalist complexity. And of course, with the colour. The metallic silvery green tone is referring back to nature, the water element ('daughter of the sea'), and to the fact that the Mar Galliti Studio is so close to Lake Balaton (aka 'the Hungarian Sea'). Famously, the Lake has a similar silvery green hue.

When I was formulating the products one of the most important element was to produce the best quality possible, using every per cent of the formula, filling them with nourishing active ingredients. Equally important was to keep a holistic approach and create an experience that goes beyond making the skin more beautiful and young looking but effect other senses. So they would calm, seduce, and refresh. Bring back old stories and memories and create new ones. Because the skin is happiest when the soul is. There is an emphasis on the emotional effect of scents & essential oils. But do not make that fool you, all and each of the products are efficient, designed to bring out the best of the skin.

Many thanks and gratitude to the artists who gave a visual voice to the brand and the products.

Brand Identity & Photography: Szendeff Lőrinc

Packaging & Web Design: Havasi Betti

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Mar Galliti skin care & botanicals

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