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'Created to make your skin healthier and your soul happier.'

New & Original
Mar Galliti - Hydro Serum, Arcápolás

Our body care products work with the power of touch and are made from top quality natural ingredients that pamper and refresh the skin.

Body care

Mar Galliti - Levendula illóolaj

We created this product line from the treasures of nature by harnessing all their power, which we spiced up with true essential oils. Even the scent of the products is nothing short of therapeutic.

Skin care

Mar Galliti - Mineral Tonic Body Lotion, Testápolás

Lavender, the mother and grandmother of essential oils. This healing and soothing herb is cultivated by us under caring hands.


Ray Simons

"I wanted to pay homage to my mother with the brand name.

MAR GALLITI means 'daughter of the sea'."

Zita Gyurokovics

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