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Where The Wild Things Grow - DUSK 

The Scent: 

With a light glow of pink and yellow from the setting sun. The green of the wild is dark, but recognizable green. Earthy but ethereal and sensual. The seductive warmth of the skin after a long day spent in the wild.

Muddy green, a bit sharp. Opening into a clean clearing of flowers. Heady, freshly cut, green. With lots of energy, running, next to the lake. Then warmth. A loving, tender hug. Protective embarace. Seductive.  Sensual. Playful. Deeply rooted. Dark night. Stars. Holding hands. Together in the wild.


The Story:

A story in a bottle inspired by memories and the imagination. I remember the grasses and wild flowers from the meadow opposite our house. It was a grassy field grazed by horses and cows, bordered by trees and the woods but also a swampy trench that drained the water to a turf lake. Around this lake we had all the adventures we could imagine. I still remember where a toad may live and what time the birds awaken in the Summer – and what trees and seasons smelled like.


Dawn and Dusk, when the twilight hits and everything has a neary other worldly, kind of magical feel to it. The times of inbetweens. Where the reality and dreams meet up. You really feel it when in nature. And I know the place, both from fairy tales and memories. Its a moorland with a lake and the wild, misterious woods. Dusk and Dawn running towards each other to find each other and when they do they realize that althought they are diffent, also have more in common than they thought. They always have been part of each other and they always will be.


The Notes:

Top: Lime, Dill

Middle: Mimosa, Jasmin, Ylang-ylang, Chamomile, Tulsi, Melissa

Base: Moss, Vetiver, Angelica


Made in Hungary


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Where The Wild Things Grow - DUSK

  • 1ml testers* & 50ml full-size bottles

    *Please note that only the 50ml full-size perfume comes in our custom ceramic bottles. The testers are in small glass bottles.