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Budapest Drops 2017 conference

The Budapest Drops 2017 is going to be the first aromatherapy conference in Hungary organised by the Association of Hungarian Aromatherapists (AHA). It will be 2 days long from 30th September till 1st October. The first day dedicated to lectures on different topics from Applied zoopharmacognosy by Caroline Ingraham to Aromatherapy and cancer management by Dr. Pascal Debauche. Then the second day is all about workshops, in the morning there is one by Jan Kusmirek and another one by Shirley Routley and in the afternoon one by Dr. Malte Hozzel and another one by Elizabeth Ashley. Also, I hoping to launch my skin care brand, Mar Galliti at the conference that is very exciting (Mar Galliti is one of the Gold Drops Sponsor for the conference). I will write a whole blog post about the brand, what to expect etc., and of course, if you are following me on Facebook and Instagram you have already seen some changes and can expect more behind the scenes. So stay tuned!

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